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Recent Testimonials

“Top bloke, very easy to get on with, excellent instructor, highly recommended. 10/10!!!” – Ben Alsina


“Excellent driving instructor. I took a test (& failed) when I was 17, I recently took up lessons with Clark and today I passed my first test in 14 years with 0 faults. Cannot recommend enough, and will be passing his details on to anyone else looking to learn. 5 Stars!” – Stev Day


“Class instructor got through my test with his help and couldn’t of asked for better, even if my lessons were really early! All worth it highly recommend his services.” – Alfie willis


“10/10, 100% recommend for first time learners, always puts you at ease, and has been very supportive. Makes driving so much fun and enjoyable whilst always being professional and reliable. ” – Courtney Barnes


“Top marks 5* out 5, can't recommend Clark Ward enough, very laid back and easy to get along with, which makes learning a lot easier. Very helpful in helping you overcome issues or problems. Very patient and fun to learn with, Thanks Clark ” – Adam Tomlinson


“5* Would 100% Recommend Clark for any first time drivers. He’s create a calm environment throughout all lessons but he makes you feel at ease when you first get behind the wheel. He’s always been super reliable and give feedback on every lesson on what you did well and what you need to work on. Never felt nervous when driving with Clark as he was super talkative to me and when I didn’t feel confident on something he would talk me though in a calm tone. Great service 5* ” – Rachael Cross


“Would 10000% recommend Clark Ward. Been amazing all through my lessons. Keeps you calm and gets you so prepared for your test! If anyone’s unsure about driving he’ll make you feel so comfortable and will always go at the pace you are at! ” – Racheal cross


“Brilliant instructor, was patient, friendly and always kept me positive. Thanks for seeing me through my test 😊” – Emily Lyon


“I learned to drive with Clark during an intensive one-week course in 2017; first lesson on one Monday and test the following Monday. Clark was brilliant throughout, building my confidence up slowly & teaching me the required manoeuvres effectively, and he was always on hand to calm me down if the nerves started to get the better of me. I felt safe throughout and well prepared for the test when it arrived. Couldn't recommend him more, I'd definitely go back to Clark if I needed refresher lessons.” – Jack Mead


“Great teacher, always cheerful and very calm. Really helped me pass my test ” – Lucia Gómez


“I would absolutely recommend Clark! Driving did not come naturally to me and it was something I often got frustrated with.... Clark was super patient with me and broke it all down into manageable steps. No question was too stupid and nothing was too much hassle!! ” – Christie Beautyman


“Ive just passed my test with Clark and im so pleased. He was so patient with me and really helped me with my nerves. Would highly recomend to anyone wanting to start driving. Thanks again ” – Robert Wilson


“Clark ward helped me so much with passing my test he gave me so much support and had a lot of patience. I’d definitely recommend to anyone he’s a great instructor and I’ll miss having lessons with him!” – Abbie Stanfield


“I've just passed my test with Clark and I'm over the moon. I've had other driving instructors before but Clark is miles better, he is reliable, always on time and very helpful always wanting to make sure everything is up to standard for test and that I am happy with my driving. He really improved my driving and especially my confidence in my driving. Thanks to his help I passed with zero faults. Absolutely would recommend, thank you for everything! ” – Adam Robinson


“Can't recommend Clark ward enough, the knowledge the way he handles himself conductor lesson is absolutely amazing. Really nice guy very easy to get alone with and helps to relive the stress and pressure. Pass first time thank you Clark for everything” – Daniel waldock


“Just passed my test with Clark, had other instructors before him but he was brilliant and really helped me to pass. I’m super happy and would recommend him to anyone who’s looking to learn how to drive safely. ” – Lucia Gomez


“Clark was a joy to learn from, very friendly, understanding and patient. A genuine pleasure to drive with and learn from. He WILL get you driving in a safe and proficient way, all while in a relaxing atmosphere. He was as happy as me that I passed so you know he isn't about getting money out of you he's about getting you passed which makes a huge difference. I can't recommend Clark enough. If you want the freedom brought through driving, Clark is the man to get you it. Not all heroes wear capes: 5-stars.” – Darren Foster


“I am so happy I passed my driving test today with Clark wards driving school Scarborough. A massive thank you to Clark ward who is an amazing professional driving instructor. I would highly recommend Clark to anybody who is thinking of starting their road to driving or in need of a quality instructor, as ever lesson was enjoyable to learn. 😁👍” – Chris Lynch


“I’ve just past with Clarke and I would highly recommend him! He supported my while I was learning to drive, he was reliable and very professional, with an insane amount of patience. He was just as happy as I was when I passed and was extremely supportive with my nerve before my test and after! thank you for everything:)” – Ellie smith


“Clark was an amazing instructor, super patient kind and understanding. Nothing was too much of a worry or a stupid question. Amazing at calming you down when feeling stressed. He made me feel super confident in my driving and I feel ready to go out on the roads on my own. I would recommend to anyone. ” – Sophie Cowton


“Modern day driving Jesus, couldn't have passed without him, takes all the time you need and great guy to talk to. Would recommend him to anyone, can't thank him enough for giving me the freedom to travel. Thanks for everything Bud, you're a star!” – Garion Adams


“Help me soo much would recommend me anyone, was so patient and went out of his way to make sure he had covered everything and more can’t thank him enough so happy!! We had a great laugh made me feel so comfortable with driving and made me a much more confident on the road thanks again! 😊” – Joe Eccleston


“I did an intensive course with Clark over two weeks and another few lessons on top of this and i cannot recommend him highly enough!! He is kind, patient and very understanding, especially when it comes to anxiety and nerves. he teaches at a pace that suits you and will never make you feel bad for making mistakes. He creates a calming atmosphere that is fun to learn in! if you want an instructor who genuinely cares about helping you to learn to drive, look no further! Thank you so much for everything Clark! :) ” – Lori Pinnington


“Amazing instructor!! Really professional and is so patient. After struggling to find a driving instructor that I felt like I was progressing with I thought I'd give clark ago and I wasn't disappointed. He was patient and understanding and if there was something I wasn't confident about, he'd change the lesson and worked with me until I felt confident. Would highly recommend! ” – Cherie Bower


“Passed with only 3 minors! Can’t thank or recommend Clark enough, makes something that is very stressful feel like a breeze! Hands down the best driving instructor out there with such an understanding nature! Thank you for everything Clark! 100000% would recommend to anyone!” – Phoebe Kelly


“Clark is an absolute amazing driving instructor. Was so patient whenever I made mistakes. I took a while to pass but I got there in the end and couldn’t have done it without him. Makes the driving environment calm and less stressful. Would highly recommend. ” – Rachel Eyre


“Great driving instructor I did 30 hours in one week and he literally had me driving the first day really quick and easy to learn with him. Definitely recommend him ” – Luke marsay


“Where do I start?! At the age of 17/18 I had driving lessons and failed my test. The whole process was not a pleasant experience and put me off ever doing it again..at the age of 47 a change of job made me think that I really should give it another go so on recommendation from my son who passed first time with Clark I very nervously booked in. I honestly can't begin to say how amazing Clark was from the beginning. Put me at ease and his patience is second to none. Clark 100% listened to me and tailored everything perfectly to my wants and needs, giving me gentle pushes when necessary. He is truly amazing. I passed first time!! Can't praise him enough 👍” – Karen McPherson


“Amazing instructor! As a very nervous driver he was very calm and took everything at a pace that you was ready for. Allowed my confidence to build up and very reassuring. Wouldn’t suggest anyone else to learn with. I can’t thank Clarke enough ” – Courtney Mercedes Earl


“Absolutely epic instructor! 100% would recommend. Passed first time!!!! Thank you Clark” – Grace Kille


“Don't go anywhere else this guy is a legend. Honestly if you want someone that knows there stuff use Clark. He will talk you everything you need to know. His teaching technique is brilliant. Don't delay book you lessons now. Thanks again mate. It's been a pleasure” – Chris bumstead


“Don't go anywhere else this guy is a legend. Honestly if you want someone that knows there stuff use Clark. He will talk you everything you need to know. His teaching technique is brilliant. Don't delay book you lessons now. Thanks again mate. It's been a pleasure

“Thank you!!! Such a brilliant instructor!xx” – Courtney Mercedes Earl


“Thank you so much for all your help!!” – Cherie Bower


“Thanks Clark, really enjoyed learning with you. A great kind patient teacher. You came highly recommended and you didn’t disappoint. Well done on another success. ??” – Alex Everingham


“Can’t thank Clark enough, he is a very kind and patient instructor always happy to do whatever he can to help make sure you can pass your test. He’s very easy to get on with which helps you relax into driving a lot more. Not only does he just teach you what you need to know to pass your test but goes above and beyond to make sure you know everything you will need to for driving once you’ve passed and feel confident in doing so, helping to overcome any challenges you may face. Highly recommended!” – Becks England


“I took an intensive course with Clark this week, taking my test a week after my first lesson. Clark was a fantastic instructor, really supportive and great at helping me learn at my own pace, with plenty of reassurance when things seemed to be progressing slowly. It's a huge testament to him that I passed first time! Clark organised the intensive course so that I'd have plenty of time and the chance to add extra at the end if it was required which proved unnecessary but helped relieve some of the time pressure! A huge thank you Clark” – Jack Mead


“had my first lesson with Clark today. and what a fantastic bloke. looking forward to working with him!!! knowledgeable funny and a all round great guy. cheers pal” – Christopher Mark Bumstead


“Well what can I say, Clark is the God of all driving instructors. Today I passed for the second time and I have to say I wouldn’t of done it without the support I got from Clark. He was so understanding with my anxiety and my constant panics about driving and somehow managed to turn me into a different driver! I can honestly say that I couldn’t of wished for a better instructor than Clark, the kind, caring and understanding person that he is. I would highly recommend Clark to anyone!! And In bobs words, I’m not gonna worry about a thing anymore !!! “ – Aimee Wells


“Great Driving instructor , very friendly , patient and flexible. Would recommend Clark to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive , Clark is helpful and takes time for you even if you are struggling” – Kerry Headlam


“Clark was a great driving instructor, he not only agreed to help me do an intensive driving course to pass in just one week, but he was also very flexible and accommodating and made sure we always had enough time to go over everything so I didn’t feel pressured or stressed. He has a great way of teaching, really friendly and relaxed, and makes the driving fun and not scary. There were times when I would do something wrong and get frustrated but Clark was really good at calming me down and then helping me work out why it went wrong. He’s so patient and is happy to do things as many times as necessary until you feel comfortable. He’s also very dedicated and really cares about every student, and will do his utmost to make sure you pass. I can’t thank Clark enough for all of the hard work and hours he put in with me and am really grateful I had him as an instructor. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering driving lessons, you won’t find a better teacher!” – Charlotte Hines


“After a hard slog back home in Bradford. My Grandparents suggested I try my luck over in Scarborough. My friend Connor recommended Clark. Clark is a brilliant instructor I couldn't recommend him enough. He is also great to be around. Down to earth. He finally got my through after a few tests working on my anxiety issues. Thanks mate. If you need a driving instructor in the Scarborough area don't hesitate to call Clark.” – Ryan Leigh


“Cant thank Clark enough for getting my son through his test and passing with only 1 minor he is so patient and supportive. He gave up his days off with his family to fit my sons lessons in and worked round my sons other commitments. He his encouraging and makes people feel very relaxed i would highly recommend him.” – Rebecca Roth


“Could not recommend clark enough! I found driving so stressful to begin with, but with his help and patience I was soon on my way to passing! No idea what I’d of done without him, the best instructor ??????” – Milly Sanderson


“A Great instructor, full off knowledge, wisdom and guidance and most importantly patience. clark is very down to earth, a top bloke! whom made learning to drive an enjoyable experience. If your thinking about learning to drive choose Clark you won't find anyone better.” – Ian Armstrong


“Passed my test first time today with Clark. Really good instructor and enjoyed learning to drive with him. Thank you for all you help! Would definitely recommend him to anyone!” – Jordan Orange


“Before even mentioning driving I just want to say what an incredibly lovely human being this man is! He has an infectious enthusiasm & positive ethos about life on & off the road that from the moment you meet him you just know that you couldn't be in better company! I was anxious about the driving process but was instantly put at ease. He has given me endless support & thorough info & guidance enabling me to recognise my own capability & believe in myself - all whilst smiling & having a great time! I passed first time this morning, so as to be expected I feel a little bit numb - but I feel fully equipped & ready to venture ... with the spirited sound of Clarks voice sticking with me as I go! Call him, you'll be so glad you did ... THANK YOU :)” – Frankie Dixon


“I would honestly recommend Clark to anyone! He taught me everything and more than I needed to know and did it in a welcoming environment with no stress or pressure. He also could do a lesson whenever and wherever I wanted without any hassle. Definitely one of the best!” – Hannah Wheatley


“Today I passed my test with 1 minor! And I could not thank Clark enough he not only helped me with my driving but also with day to day life! He is the most patient man on this earth and would do anything to help, it’s been a pleasure to have you as my driving instructor and wouldn’t of been able to do it without you_ so thank you again Clark you are awesome_ if anyone is looking to start there driving lessons I would definatley recommend! ___” – Chelsea Jackman


“I can’t thank Clark enough for getting me passed first time - not only did he help me learn new skills he helped me believe in myself! He is full of knowledge and makes the lessons enjoyable! I can honestly say I’m going to miss having lessons _ Such a sound guy with a lot of time and patience; Thankyou so much for all the help, extra advice and of course for getting me passed quickly first time _ will definitely miss our chats but hopefully see you soon on pass plus :)) X” – Rachael Laverack


“Clark is a fantastic, patient teacher, very helpful and full of advise. He is very friendly and supportive, throughout the learning process. I can only give him 5 stars but I want to give him 100! Thank you Clark for your hard work and support, getting me through my tests and onto the road. All the best for the future.” – Lee Henderson


“I have just taken an intensive driving course with Clark and have passed first time. Clark has been a great instructor. He is flexible and always focuses on what you want, making sure you are always comfortable before moving on. He has also been a good companion on what have been some long slogs of days. Thank you Clark!” – Connor James


“Just wanted to say thanks to Clark for helping me pass my driving test today! I would 100% recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive whether it's your first time or your 10th! He was infinitely patient and made sure that I was happy and ready to drive from the day I passed my test. Thanks for everything! ” – Danny Marley


“Absolutely thrilled to have passed my driving test first time today after only 5 months of driving, all thanks to Clark. Clark is not only a top class instructor but also a top bloke in general. He's 100% in it for the learner and always makes you feel relaxed. His instruction is completely tailored to you and what you need and he is patient and willing to go over things as many times as it takes for you to be comfortable with it. Learning to drive has been a laugh a minute thanks to Clark's banter during lessons, which is hilarious! _ Driving alone is definitely going to be strange without Clark sat next to me! Thankyou so much Clark for all your hard work and I 110% recommend that anyone looking for an instructor contacts Clark _” – Connor McPherson


“Very friendly.. great to learn with... very funny..great guy n wud highly recommend Clark great driving instructor infact the best around” – Sam Howes


“Had a good laugh and learnt the ins and outs of driving. Chilled out and a great instructor. Would recommended to anyone. Thank you.” – Freddie Cade


“five stars is not enough!!! No words exist to describe what I truly want to say. No one has helped me as much as this guy. He is the most patient, understanding, funny, supportive and genuine teacher you will ever meet. His passion for getting people through their tests is amazing and he is truly a remarkable person and an asset to the LDC team. Please don't waste his time or mess him about. He always puts in 100% and to give him any less back is not right. Show commitment show enthusiasm and don't be afraid to show your fears and worries. I promise you are in safe hands. I am so happy I have passed but on the flip side I am going to miss my lessons sooooo much. Thank you, thank you thank you Clark for this truly amazing experience that I will never forget.” – Sue Stockdale


“got me passed first time, can't complain about him he is brilliant. he make you feel comfy, makes it fun to learn to drive. I highly recommend learning with Clark.” – Adam Anderson


“Whilst learning to drive I went through a number of different instructors. Clark was the easiest to get along with and allowed me to take my time with areas I was struggling with in my driving. I managed to pass first time because of his positive teaching with only 5 faults.” – Richard Walker


“Having Clark as a driving instructor has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. He is incredibly easy to get along with as well as being great at working to ensure you hit the standard required to pass.  Taking my test today I was calm and collective thanks to Clark. Will really miss our laughs. Thanks Clark” – Chris Horne


“Top man. Contacted Clark wanting to pass quickly and that I did. Passed just over a month after first messaging his page. Great guy who is full of advice and teaches in such a calm environment and manner. Thanks so much Clark. 10/10 would recommend. Legend.” – Jack Simpson


“So pleased with my results from Clark! Got me through to my test super quick and couldn’t fault a thing! Would definitely recommend! ” – Ellie Hodgkins


“Clark is a great driving instructor, can't thank him enough for the lessons I had. Really good at talking you through everything and ensuring you're happy before moving on. Really friendly and easy to get on with so you're learning in a comfortable environment. I'd definitely recommend Clark to anyone learning to drive.” – Brad Holroyd


“I can't recommend Clark high enough if you are thinking of taking up driving lessons. He brings a calming and relaxed approach to teaching and caters each lesson to you discussing what your happy with and going over again the things your still not sure about. We've had a lot of laughs and have looked forward to each lesson. Awesome instructor. Awesome guy.” – Robert Stockdale


“Too all new learners please consider Clark as your instructor he was the easiest and most patient instructor you could ever meet never once did he complain or get angry and after 17 lessons I passed so thank you again for everything Clark see ya on the road .” – Eddie Morrell


“ passed my test today just with few foults, and i couldn’t do it without Clarks help, he is the best of the best, highly recommend!! If i could i would press these stars 100 times _____ thank you soo much Clark!!” – Aurelija Donauskiene


“Today i passed my driving test with Clark, And it feels absolutely amazing, Clark Ward took the time to teach me and i would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering learning to drive, He's patient and calm to the core, His style of teaching made me feel completely relaxed, Whilst also installing the competence and skill level needed and giving me the confidence to achieve a positive test result. I honestly couldnt ever thank Clark enough for what we've achieved together.” – Joanna Hollingworth


“Just passed today I would recommend Clark to anyone and everyone, decent banter, loads of patience easy to talk to but most importantly he is a top decent instructor!” – Shona Ward


“Clark was amazing in keeping my partner calm, such a nice person and will do anything to fit you in and work around you. Could not of met a more nice, calm and positive instructor.” – Ewa Truzskowsa


“Have to say that Clark has been a brilliant instructor. Was always patient and never got fed up despite the number of questions I asked. I'd definitely recommend Clark to anyone looking to start their driving lessons.” – James Mearns


“First time pass with both theory and practical. Couldn’t recommend enough, patience of a saint haha! Thanks for everything you’ve done! X” – Lindsey Dring


“Great instructor. Was so patient and friendly and moved through everything at a pace right for me. Always helped me improve to be the best driver I can be. Thanks Clark !! ” – Emily Lyon


“Clark is a great instructor, he really helped me with my confidence and skills towards driving and was always patient with me, I highly recommend.” – Lucy Turner


“Clarke is brilliant! He helped me get through the test and banish my nerves which was the worst part!! Did it all in 15 hours, wouldn't of don't it without him!! Thank you!!” – Shannon McBeth


“Really nice guy helped me alot top bloke would recommend to anyone thanks very much mate” - Jayden Lee Williams


“Thanks Clark for all your patience buddy. For anybody reading this review Clark is a top bloke and I'd recommend him to anyone reading an thinking about passing there test.” – Gavin Newland


“Clark, cheers for the training. Really friendly and reassuring. Far to many laughs along the way. But remember im an owl hahaha. Thanks again” – Adam Tomlinson


“Passed first time today with Clark, amazing instructor with so much patience and decent banter! Couldn't have asked for anyone better to teach me!” – Rivka Moore


“Brilliant instructor, kept everything simple, clear and easy, 10/10 bloke, couldn’t have had anyone better also couldn’t have passed without him!! Legend.” – Josh Banks


“Really nice guy helped me alot top bloke would recommend to any 1 thanks very much” – Craig Smythe


“Clark was a fantastic teacher who helped me overcome some massive insecurities and fear I had towards driving. I just passed my test last week and I couldn't be more grateful.” – Claudia Bowes


“Absolutely brilliant guy has the patience of a saint. Thanks for getting Jayden through his test.” - Cheryl Williams


“Very patient and reassuring, easy to get along with. All round brilliant teacher I'd recommend him to anyone. Thanks Clark ” – Lewis Scott


“Clark is the most patient, kind and funny man. It's a privilege for anyone to be taught by him!” – Tori Fletcher


“highly recommended great guy couldnt of passed with out you cheers clark :Top of FormBottom of Form” – Loius Messruther


“Would just like to say what a brilliant instructor Clark was,hes so easy to get along with and made my driving experience a pleasure,he so puts you at ease and is an all round top bloke!” – Michael Holt


“I would highly recommend Clark! He was amazing with my nerves and so patient. 5**” – Ellie Smith


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